Incentive Travel

What are the benefits of incentive travel to organisations?

  • Performance and productivity gains – particularly amongst mid-level performers. Mid-level performers have the potential to become high performers. According to the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF), the potential performance gains from your “middle 80%” of employees are likely more significant than your top 10% of performers. When a corporation successfully shifts these mid-level performers towards higher rather than low performance, the incremental productivity delivers ROI.
  • The magic of gratitude and increased loyalty. Incentive travel is a reward and recognition program designed not only to motivate but also to show gratitude to performers that rise to the challenge set by the program. Appreciation often drives connection and engagement. Incentive programs can build loyalty with employees, customers, or any other target incentive audience.


Why do incentive travel programs work?

Memories mean a lot!

Above all, a travel program gives employees memories, which further strengthens the emotional ties to the group. When people receive experiential gifts, they are more likely to put in greater effort, collaborate with peers and stay loyal to their company. Equivalent cash gifts, which are often spent on mundane household items or paying down debt, lack the same sentimental link. In a recent employee satisfaction study, employees highly rated statements regarding the motivational effect of the reward. With a 3.8 out of 4, participants agreed that the incentive travel program drives their performance and the trip made them truly appreciated.

All of this makes non-monetary corporate rewards much more effective, and companies are starting to realize it. They’re seeing that when they offer a trip or other enticing prize, people work harder. Employees want to go on that amazing trip that their co-worker earned last year, so they’ll put in the extra hours and effort to get it.

At Melbourne Elite Tours we aim to give that amazing memorable holiday to staff members that have earned a reward. Let them choose a tour that suits or we can personalise a tour that suits your companies requirements.

We can pick them up at your work address or their home. Everything will be taken care of and included in the price including meals and accommodation if a multi-day tour is booked based on twin share at 4 star level (or 5 star if desired).

Please call or email if interested to discuss what we can do for you and your staff.