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Melbourne Highlights Private Day Tour

Discover the refined allure of Melbourne on our Melbourne highlights day tour, a city lauded as the pinnacle of sophistication. This vibrant metropolis captivates with its seamless blend of art, music, cuisine, sports, and enchanting gardens. Immerse yourself in the opulent charm of its Victorian-era architectural gems, harmonising with contemporary landmarks like Federation Square. Delight in a culinary odyssey along ethnic “eat streets,” featuring a Greek Precinct, Little Italy, and the renowned Chinatown.

Melbourne’s Hidden Marvels: Private Day Tour

Traverse hidden laneways, indulging in Melbourne’s thriving boutique culture and vibrant street art on our private day tours in Melbourne. Explore the resplendent Royal Botanic Gardens and pay homage at the Shrine of Remembrance, followed by a delightful lunch at a premier restaurant. Experience the bohemian energy of St Kilda’s Acland Street, culminating in a visit to the iconic Brighton Beach bathing boxes. Luxuriate in an unforgettable tour, leaving you yearning for more.

Melbourne Highlights Day Tour Overview: Discover the Best of Melbourne

Explore the captivating essence of Melbourne, a city that effortlessly blends culture, art, music, and culinary delights. Recognized for its rich history dating back to the Victorian gold rush, Melbourne showcases a harmonious mix of preserved architectural gems and contemporary marvels.

Melbourne’s Iconic Landmarks and Culinary Delights

Marvel at the iconic Flinders Street Station, the Royal Exhibition Building, and the modern elegance of Federation Square along the picturesque Yarra River. Immerse yourself in Melbourne’s diverse culinary scene, featuring ethnic “eat streets” like the Greek Precinct, Little Italy, Chinatown, and the charming Jewish bakeries in St Kilda’s Acland Street. Don’t miss the Queen Victoria Market, a haven for fresh ingredients and handmade crafts.

Exploring Melbourne’s Enchanting Laneways and Tram Rides

Begin your day with a leisurely stroll through Melbourne’s enchanting laneways, complemented by iconic tram rides. Explore hidden gems like Centre Place, the Block, and Royal Arcades, offering culinary delights and unique design pieces from stylish boutiques. Art enthusiasts will be captivated by the vibrant street art in places like Hosier Lane.

Melbourne’s Serene Gardens, Historic Sites and Taste the Culinary Excellence

Experience the tranquility of the Royal Botanic Gardens and Fitzroy Gardens, and pay homage to the brave at the Shrine of Remembrance. Indulge in a revitalizing lunch at one of Melbourne’s esteemed dining establishments, where culinary excellence is guaranteed.

Afterward, embark on a luxurious journey to Acland Street in St Kilda, a bohemian hub with a vibrant artistic scene. Enjoy the fusion of art, culture, and fine dining, and take a scenic drive to Brighton Beach to witness the iconic bathing boxes that add charm to the coastline.

On this Melbourne tour, immerse yourself in a world of enriching experiences that cater to your discerning taste.

  • Walking/tram tour of famous sites in the CBD
  • Gourmet 2 course lunch at one of Melbourne’s great restaurants
  • St Kilda and the famous Acland Street
  • Iconic Brighton bathing boxes
  • Tour of the Royal Botanical Gardens or Fitzroy Gardens – time permitting
  • Pick-up and return to your hotel or private address
  • Morning or Afternoon tea
  • All stops in the CBD
  • Gourmet 2 course lunch at one of Melbourne’s great restaurants
  • St Kilda and the famous Acland Street
  • Iconic Brighton bathing boxes
  • Tour of the Royal Botanical Gardens or Fitzroy Gardens – time permitting
  • Flexible and fully customised itinerary
  • Luxury vehicle with complimentary bottled water


  • Warm jacket, sturdy footwear

Why is Melbourne so popular for tourists?

Melbourne is popular among tourists for its vibrant culture, diverse dining scene, world-class arts and entertainment, beautiful parks and gardens, and iconic landmarks. From its bustling laneways adorned with street art to its renowned coffee culture and sporting events, Melbourne offers a unique and exciting experience for visitors. Enhance your trip by choosing Melbourne Elite Tours as the best travel partner to ensure personalised and memorable adventures throughout your stay.

Does Melbourne have a hop on hop off?

Yes, Melbourne offers hop-on-hop-off bus tours that provide a convenient way for tourists to explore the city’s major attractions at their own pace. These tours typically cover popular landmarks and offer commentary on the city’s history and culture.

Is tram free in Melbourne CBD?

Yes, tram travel within the Melbourne CBD and Docklands area is free for all passengers. This initiative, known as the Free Tram Zone, allows commuters and tourists to travel within the designated zone without the need to purchase a ticket. However, if you plan to travel outside of the Free Tram Zone, you will need to purchase a valid ticket or use a Myki card for fare payment.

Does the tour include pickup and drop-off at the hotel?

Yes, we provide pick-up and return services from your hotel or private address. Enjoy seamless transportation, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

What are the main stops included in the tour?

Our tour encompasses all major stops within the CBD, showcasing iconic landmarks and must-see attractions. From the bustling streets to hidden gems, we ensure you experience the heart of Melbourne’s vibrant culture. Explore renowned sites and immerse yourself in the city’s rich history, culinary delights, and artistic flair. Join us for an unforgettable journey through Melbourne’s central hub.

What type of vehicle will be used for transportation?

You’ll travel in luxury and comfort aboard our specially equipped vehicle, ensuring a pleasant journey throughout your tour. Additionally, we provide complimentary bottled water for your convenience, ensuring you stay refreshed throughout the trip.

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