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Melbourne Highlights Private Day Tour

Discover the refined allure of Melbourne, a city lauded as the pinnacle of sophistication. This vibrant metropolis captivates with its seamless blend of art, music, cuisine, sports, and enchanting gardens. Immerse yourself in the opulent charm of its Victorian-era architectural gems, harmonizing with contemporary landmarks like Federation Square. Delight in a culinary odyssey along ethnic “eat streets,” featuring a Greek Precinct, Little Italy, and the renowned Chinatown.

Traverse hidden laneways, indulging in Melbourne’s thriving boutique culture and vibrant street art. Explore the resplendent Royal Botanic Gardens and pay homage at the Shrine of Remembrance, followed by a delightful lunch at a premier restaurant. Experience the bohemian energy of St Kilda’s Acland Street, culminating in a visit to the iconic Brighton Beach bathing boxes. Luxuriate in an unforgettable tour, leaving you yearning for more.

Indulge in the charms of Melbourne, consistently recognized as the epitome of refined living. Renowned for its cultural tapestry, Melbourne seamlessly weaves together art, music, gastronomy, sports, and splendid gardens, creating an enchanting symphony of experiences.

Imbued with the opulence derived from the riches of the Victorian gold fields during the 1850s, Melbourne proudly showcases its meticulously preserved architectural treasures. Marvel at the grandeur of Flinders Street Station and the resplendent Royal Exhibition Building, harmoniously juxtaposed with contemporary architectural marvels like Federation Square, gracefully nestled along the picturesque banks of the Yarra River.

Melbourne’s culinary landscape, a testament to its cosmopolitan spirit, tantalizes discerning palates with a multitude of multicultural flavors. Embark on a delectable journey along ethnic “eat streets” adorned with a Greek Precinct, Little Italy, the venerable Chinatown — the oldest of its kind beyond Asia — and the storied Jewish bakeries gracing St Kilda’s Acland Street. Unearth the delights of the Queen Victoria Market, an exquisite haven where the freshest ingredients and exquisite handicrafts await your discerning selection.

Our day commences with a leisurely stroll through Melbourne’s charming laneways, accentuated by enchanting rides aboard the city’s iconic trams. Discover the captivating secrets concealed within Centre Place, the Block, and Royal Arcades, where one can savor delectable culinary creations or acquire unique design pieces from the city’s array of stylish boutiques. Enthusiasts of vibrant street art shall be captivated by the allure of Hosier Lane, an awe-inspiring haven showcasing masterpieces adorning numerous alleyways.

Meander through the resplendent Royal Botanic Gardens and the enchanting Fitzroy Gardens, basking in their sublime beauty. Pay homage to the valiant at the Shrine of Remembrance, offering breathtaking panoramas of the city, before savoring a revitalizing lunch at one of Melbourne’s esteemed dining establishments, where culinary excellence is a matter of course.

Following this sumptuous repast, we embark on a luxurious automotive sojourn to the famed Acland Street, the bohemian heart of captivating St Kilda. Here, a vibrant tapestry of artists, actors, and musicians animates the iconic theaters, galleries, and bars, creating an atmosphere of ineffable allure. Revel in the harmonious fusion of art, culture, and Melbourne’s finest epicurean delights and premier shopping opportunities. Additionally, we shall journey along the scenic route to Brighton Beach, where the whimsical bathing boxes await, a quintessential postcard-worthy sight to capture your imagination.

Rest assured, on your Melbourne tour, your every desire will be indulged as you luxuriate in opulent travel experiences that leave you yearning for more.

  • Walking/tram tour of famous sites in the CBD
  • Gourmet 2 course lunch at one of Melbourne’s great restaurants
  • St Kilda and the famous Acland Street
  • Iconic Brighton bathing boxes
  • Tour of the Royal Botanical Gardens or Fitzroy Gardens – time permitting
  • Pick-up and return to your hotel or private address
  • Morning or Afternoon tea
  • All stops in the CBD
  • Gourmet 2 course lunch at one of Melbourne’s great restaurants
  • St Kilda and the famous Acland Street
  • Iconic Brighton bathing boxes
  • Tour of the Royal Botanical Gardens or Fitzroy Gardens – time permitting
  • Flexible and fully customised itinerary
  • Luxury vehicle with complimentary bottled water


  • Warm jacket, sturdy footwear